Six New Year’s Resolutions to Adopt NOW If You Want Dog Training Success!

January 9, 2020

6. Use a Leash: When your dog is learning obedience, a leash is a helpful tool. Have your dog drag a short leash so you can stop naughty behavior and help them gain focus outside of training sessions. ***

5. Be Realistic: Don’t issue commands to your dog unless you’re confident your dog understands the command. Just because your dog responds in a low distraction setting such as your home, doesn’t mean he understands the command around distractions or in a different setting. Slowly build training success around higher distractions and in new settings .

4. Be concise: Give your command once. (ex: Sit, rather than sit…sit…sit). It is important that dogs follow commands the first time. Just think how much safer your dog is when they return to you the moment you say “come” rather than repeating, “come…come….come…come.”

3. Be generous: Reward your dog when they follow commands or do the right thing. Rewards can include: food, toys or affection (petting/verbal praise).


2. Be Consistent: Stick to the same training words your dog learned. Swapping words is confusing for the dog. When your dog grabs something, tell them to “drop it”. Refrain from saying, “knock it off, don’t touch my shoe, stop that, give it to me.”

1. Be Kind: Dog training is a learning process for your dog. Don’t yell or show frustration if they struggle. Never hit your dog. Your pup is your best friend. Keep your tone and body language cool, calm and confident during training. Make sure you communicate your delight when your dog succeeds.

***Safety Note: The leash should not drag on the ground. Cut it so it hovers above the ground. We don’t want your pup to trip over it or to get caught while they are in motion. Never leave a dog unattended with a leash on. (even quick bathroom breaks). Remove the leash at night and when the dog is outside or in the crate/play yard.


Written by Katie McKnight








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