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If you’re looking for an online dog trainer certification program that will teach you to become a skilled dog trainer, the International School for Certified Dog Trainers (ISCDT) is where you belong! We currently offer three programs for people interested in learning the craft of dog training, as well as those wanting to expand their knowledge. […]

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Online Dog Trainer School

We have a successful Certified Dog Trainer Course that we have created to teach you basic and advanced dog training techniques.

  • Online Dog Trainer Course

    18 detailed lessons that prepare you to work in the field of dog training. The curriculum is self paced and developed to give detailed examples of how to train, solve problems and methods to use.

  • Supporting Example Videos

    Our written courses are designed to take you through a multitude of dog training topics, from breed and characteristics to unraveling various behavioral issues. Our videos support the coursework as a visual guide.

  • Homework Assignments

    To ensure you are prepared to work with canines as a professional dog trainer, ISCDT students must successfully complete arduous assignments in order to graduate from the program and earn the title of Certified Dog Trainer.

  • Hands-On Experience

    Our interactive internship programs offer students the opportunity to complete the online course but also work alongside an ISCDT instructor. This program allows the student to work with dogs and their owners in solving real-life issues.

online dog trainer school

Our Faculty

Our Online Dog Trainer School staff has been training dogs for 30 years. We hold multiple accreditation's from advanced Dog Training schools & programs. Teaching you to Teach Them is what we love to do.

online dog training certification school
Katie McKnight Instructor
online dog training certification school
Jessica Freedman Instructor

ISCDT Dog Trainer Blog

09 May

Nine Tips For Preparing Your Dog For A New Baby

From the moment we discover we are expecting a new baby, we prepare our world for the exciting arrival.  We often forget to prepare an important member of our family -- our dogs. They know something exciting is happening for their humans, but the details are scarce. Then, one day a strange being enters the…

06 Apr

Know A Dog Who Fears Family Members? 10 Helpful Ideas

One of the most upsetting situations for a family with a newly adopted dog is learning that the dog fears one or more family members.  Very often this fear is not realized until after the dog is in the home for a week or two. By that time the rest of the family has formed…

16 Mar

Human-Canine Bond: 10 Steps to Increase the Bond with Your Dog

The human bond is a relationship between two or more people.  Bonding happens between family members, friends and even groups who spend time together. We also bond with animals. The bond between humans and canines date back 15,000 years.  The bond with your pet can be as tightly formed as bonds with other humans. It…

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