Frequently Asked Questions

The below FAQs are common questions we get from customers. For more clarification or if you have any other questions – please give us a call and we would be happy to answer all of your questions.

Why should I enroll in one of the dog training programs through ISCDT?

Our staff has taken different courses to learn the craft of dog training.  Each member completed their training program feeling that something was lacking from their educational experience. One of the most glaring problems was that the program only taught one method of training. There are several different learning styles and we believe you should learn them all and then choose the method that best serves you and your clients.

Another problem was cost. No one should miss out on learning a new craft because of tuition. Therefore, we offer courses that equally prepare you to train dogs and satisfy every budget.

What will I learn while taking your online dog trainer certification course (course outline)?

ISCDT covers the different training methods and theories of dog training so after you graduate, not only are you are ready to train dogs, you will possess the ability to explain the process to dog owners. In addition, we help you motivate dogs and their owners and provide solutions to common problems that often arise. Our course provides the tools you need to prevent your clients from getting “stuck” while training.

To ensure you are prepared to work with canines as a professional dog trainer, ISCDT students must successfully complete arduous assignments in order to graduate from the program and earn the title of a Certified Dog Trainer. Some of the material covered in the online program includes:

Part I 

  • understanding canine behavior
  • how dogs learn
  • classical conditioning
  • operant conditioning
  • frustration free training
  • four different stages of training


Part II 

  • charging the mark
  • marker training/clicker training
  • hands-on work with dogs
  • hand signals and verbal commands
  • basic commands (hands on work)
  • timing, body language and tone


Part III 

  • learn to read and understand dog’s communication through body language
  • calming signals
  • what causes a dog to stop using calming signals
  • human body language and dog training


Part IV 

  • learn how to properly teach commands
  • shaping/generalizing behavior
  • Generalizing commands (hands on work)
  • fading treats for real-life rewards
  • bridging stimulus

Part V 

  • all about puppies and how to train them
  • red flags when it comes to puppy behavior
  • What is FRAP and how to help dog owners
  • seven dog groups
  • canine personalities and characteristics
  • causes of fear and aggression in dogs


Part VI 

  • tools of the trade
  • How to push through a bad training lesson
  • Annoying behavior and how to fix it
  • how to resolve the most common troubling behaviors
  • Learn facts over myths
  • motivating dogs


Part VII 

  • struggles with recall and how to fix it
  • different training styles and what works best for your client
  • when humans get in the way of dog training
  • what can get you stuck in dog training and how to avoid it


Part VIII 

  • causes of aggression
  • muzzles
  • dog bites and children
  • teach dogs’ proper behavior


Part IX – Mentor work 

  • feedback on all assignments
  • tips and dog training advice
  • enhancing public speaking skills
  • troubleshoot issues in your training
What Programs are offered through ISCDT, LLC?

We currently offer three programs for people interested in learning the craft of dog training, as well as those wanting to expand their knowledge.  Each program affords the student the opportunity to work with animals under the guidance of one of our Certified Dog Trainers.


  • The online dog training program consists of eighteen interactive lessons where students are required to pass weekly written exams and provide video diaries of their work with dogs. During the course of study, students have access to their mentors through email and video chat. We encourage students to volunteer with rescues or animal shelters so they have access to different types of dogs and various issues. In addition, students receive access to a private social media page where they will receive training tips and can communicate with ISCDT staff. Qualified students will receive a diploma and earn the title of a Certified Dog Trainer – Comprehension (CDT-C).
  • The one-week interactive program consists of the online dog training program, plus, you will spend one week in New York and work one-on-one with our trainers. Learn from the best, see how to create your own successful dog training business and get much needed hands-on experience. Graduates will gain access to our social media page where they will receive training tips and may communicate with ISCDT staff members. Qualified students will receive a diploma and earn the title of a Certified Dog Trainer – Skilled Comprehension (CDT-SC).
  • The two-week interactive program consists of the online dog training program, plus students will come to New York and receive two weeks of hands-on training from our experienced trainers. Students will work one-on-one with their mentor as they demonstrate on real cases. They will learn how to communicate with clients so they understand the methods and concepts, evaluate a potential client, problem solve dog behavior and modify behavior. You will have access to the evaluation process and documents that we use with our own clients. Students view our software and see how we operate. This course will significantly speed up your ability to start your business when you are finished. Graduates will gain lifetime access to our private social media page where they will receive training tips and continued interaction with ISCDT staff. Qualified students will receive an Advanced diploma and earn the title Certified Dog Trainer – Proficient Skill & Comprehension (CDT-PSC).
  • Our final offering is to help you get your business off and running.  This is our online course entitled “Starting Your Own Dog Training Business” and can be found at the bottom of our courses page where it lists an outline of the course.
How long does it take students to complete the course?

Full-time students can complete the online course in as little as eighteen weeks. Learning the craft of dog training takes time and patience. We suggest students take their time completing the course. In order to master a skill, you must work with several different dogs and solve various obedience problems. Therefore, while it will not take twelve months to complete the course, we do allow students a full year to master this skill.

Students enrolled in the hands-on programs may decide to complete the written course before working with their mentors or they may study the course in conjunction with the hands-on work.


What happens if I need assistance through the course?
A mentor is assigned to each student. The mentor guides you through your educational journey to ensure you fully understand all assignments and content of the program. Students will have access to their mentor through e-mail and video chat.
When are the registration dates for classes?

In order to serve the needs of our students, enrollment is ongoing. You can begin your studies with ISCDT at your convenience and complete the coursework on your own schedule. We allot you 52 weeks to complete the course.

Students wishing to participate in the one or two week in-person programs should contact us for available dates.

You can e-mail ISCDT at regarding the course and enrollment.

Why are ISCDT’s prices inexpensive compared to other dog training schools?

At ISCDT, we don’t adhere to the cliché “you get what you pay for.” Instead, we’re on a mission to empower knowledgeable and compassionate dog trainers, ensuring access for all at an affordable cost. Why? Because dogs deserve trainers who are committed to their well-being, and you deserve a chance to make a difference in their lives.

We recognize that not everyone can afford exorbitant fees ranging from $9,000 to $15,000 just to acquire a new skill. One of our partners faced a similar challenge, juggling the responsibilities of raising three kids with the looming prospect of college tuition expenses. After extensive research, she discovered a school that generously offered discounts for those involved in rescue work, opening doors for her in this fulfilling career. We’re inspired by her story and eager to pay it forward by providing EVERYONE with the opportunity to master the art of dog training. Your dreams shouldn’t be limited by your budget, and we’re here to ensure they aren’t. Join us, and let’s make a difference in the lives of dogs and their owners, together.

Don’t spend another minute working in a field you dislike!
Stop dreaming about the future and start living it with ISCDT!
We can’t wait to welcome you and help you shape the life you’ve always invisioned!