ISCDT Graduate Spotlight

March 14, 2022


We are delighted to share ISCDT’s graduate spotlight for Mandie Sanderman this week. Mandie is a talented and knowledgeable dog trainer who generously shares her knowledge on everything canine.  

ISCDT: When did you know you wanted to become a dog trainer?

Mandie: I think I was probably born to train dogs. I  have spent my entire life surrounded by all sorts of pets, but dogs have always been in that mix. I first started training my own dogs simply to ensure they were well mannered because when you own the number of dogs, I currently have 5, it is important they are well behaved. After I began to volunteer for a service dog organization, I realized how much I love helping others foster the type of relationship with their dogs that I enjoy with my own.

ISCDT: I absolutely love what you offer with your company. What is the name of your business?

Mandie: I own Precious Paws.

ISCDT: Please share some of the services you offer.


Board and train for young puppies

Train-at-home options

Whelping services

Dog evaluation through temperament testing for puppies

AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen) evaluations

AKC Trick Dog titles

Dog photography services

Canine pregnancy confirmation through ultrasound

ISCDT: You also offer an online program for puppy owners who want to help their puppies acclimate to living in the human home and train their puppies right from the start. Where can people find that program?

Mandie: They can find my online puppy course at 


ISCDT:  For ease in locating Mandie’s puppy course, click here to be immediately directed to her site.

ISCDT: We have more questions for Mandie. Before we do that, here is where you can find Mandie online or speak to her in person.

Business Phone: 319-269-0096

Areas she covers: North Central Iowa and anywhere for her online program


Social Media:

Facebook: Precious Paws

Instagram: precious_paws_iowa

Online puppy course:


Let’s take a moment and get to know Mandie with our ISCDT questions.

ISCDT: Favorite dog training quote:

Mandie:   “What gets rewarded, gets repeated” and  “If it won’t be cute behavior in a 60 pound adult dog, it can’t be cute behavior in a 6 pound puppy.”

ISCDT: Something you want all dog owners to know?

Mandie: Reaching out to a dog trainer can be the first step in building a stronger and better relationship with your dog. Your dog trainer should work with you and your dog as a team; it takes training for both of you to be a complete success.

ISCDT: Favorite book on dog training:

Mandie: There are simply too many to choose from! I love reading from a variety of perspectives and authors such as Karen Pryor, Patricia McConnell, and the Monks of New Skete but I also take advantage of other sources of information through websites, videos, seminars and workshops!

We hope you enjoyed this graduate spotlight.  Go check out Mandie Sanderman and the beautiful pups who are fortunate enough to work with this multi-talented person.


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