Free Online Trick Training Program

January 18, 2023

ISCDT Dog Trainer Program

ISCDT – Dog Trainer School

ISCDT’s FREE trick training program begins on Monday, January 23, 2023

All you need is:

1. your dog
2. treats
3. a Facebook account
4. desire to have fun with some great people

Our only requirements:

1. Everyone who signs up is positive and friendly.
2. Participate and, if comfortable, post videos of your training.

We are offering this program as a fun way to get through the winter months for you and your dog. These activities will exercise your dog’s mind and build a wonderful bond between you and your dog.

The instructors have volunteered their time to provide these videos for this program. They do not work for ISCDT, they are simply wonderful people who love dog training.

At the end of the program, you may seek an AKC Trick Training Novice Title. If you wish to do so, we will provide an instructor who will assess your dog’s trick training skill. This is achieved through video submission. The instructor will also provide you with paperwork to submit to the AKC.

Please note: there is a nominal fee for the test, plus AKC fees to obtain that title.

Please feel free to contact Katie McKnight at with questions.  We look forward to meeting you at ISCDT’s Free OnlineTrick Training Program.  Click HERE to join the fun.


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