Expert Tips for Leaving Your Dog Alone

July 14, 2023

Katie McKnight, of ISCDT – The dog Trainer School, provided information for an article written for . The article included expert tips for leaving your dog alone. Various dog trainers participated in this article to share their expertise.

The article includes information on:

  • Monitoring your pets through a pet cam
  • Using Air Tags, and other products, as tracking devices for your pet
  • Preparing your dog for longer periods at home without the family present
  • Tips to make separation less stressful for your dog
  • Things you can do to entertain your dog while home alone
  • How a crate can help your dog feel more secure and reduce destructive behavior.

I hope you will read down to my tip on using a crate to make your dog feel more secure, while reducing destructive behavior.’s article

on Expert Tips for Leaving Your Dog Alone is packed full of great information for dog lovers. Go check it out.

Let us know which tips helped you and your dog. What steps to do you take to keep your dog safe?

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