Jessica Freedman

Trainer Profile: Jessica Freedman, CPT

Certified Professional Trainer – National K-9 Learning Center
Sublime K9 Dog Training, Founder
Certified in reactivity training and marker training
Trained in Behavioral Adjustment Training (BAT)
Over 1000 dogs trained

Welcome to the International School for Certified Dog Trainers! I have been running my own dog training business, Sublime K9 Dog Training for 8 years and have been successfully training dogs since 2002, studying under many different trainers to learn as many methods as possible. With over 1000 dogs trained, I am still training and adding to that number each day. I am a graduate of the National K-9 Learning Center where I earned my designation as a Certified Professional Trainer. National K-9 is a nationally recognized top tier dog trainer’s school located in Columbus, Ohio. At the center, I studied various methods of behavior modification and applied these methods to my partner dog, Milo. I am also a professional member of International Association of Canine Professionals and am formally trained in BAT (Behavioral Adjustment Training), certified to teach Relationship Games, and Leash Reactivity and have studied with some of the top trainers in the country on ecollar training and behavior modification. My love for canines has also led me to work in the veterinary field to learn as much about dog’s health and wellness as possible.

The development of the ISCDT came along with the realization that there is a gap in the dog training industry. There are no affordable, online schools that allow existing trainers to get their certification and also trains new trainers to get them started. This course does both. Katie and I have taken our combined 25 plus years experience and put it into one course designed to teach and challenge. We hope that you enjoy studying with us and are here to help you along the way!

How long have you been training dogs professionally?
I have been training dogs professionally for 15+ years.

What was the moment you knew you wanted to Train Dogs?
I fell in love with my first dog at the age of 21. She was a boxer, who had some issues, which led me to research the appropriate training techniques. I became so intrigued with canine behavior to specific and dogs in general so I decided to make a career of working with dogs and started a dog walking business.

While running this business I came across a dog (a client) that I was supposed to walk each day. The dog simply needed some extra exercise. The problem was that the dog feared new people, including me. I thought, wait this is supposed to be enjoyable for the dog!

How did you get started formally training Dogs?
I called a local trainer and started asking for advice to assist with the dog. They worked with me to help me get to a point where our walks were actually enjoyable. After that, the local trainer offered me an apprenticeship with her and her company…the rest is history.

Have you found certain Canine breeds to be a challenge to train?
I don’t have a particular breed in general that has been a major challenge. The issues I come across are not really breed specific they come in all shapes and sizes. All breeds are different in temperament and physical capabilities.

What is the best advice you can give Dog Owners?
Dog training takes persistence and consistency. My advice to owners is to stick with the training techniques we implement, long term. Also, have fun training your dog! If you enjoy it, so will your dog.